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Metrics matter. The metric that matters most to us is the measure of success that we bring to you. Our services are wholly dedicated to providing you with the results you need.


Name: Joanne
Title:    SEO Specialist - Accounting - Customer Service - Social Media
Skills:  Joanne has a long history in dealing with customers in a business setting, dating back to her years in import/export. A huge bonus for her is her BA in Business Economics, which really sets the stage in researching existing or start-up companies to gain the greatest advantage from the start. Her keen ability to find niche areas within the multitude of available businesses greatly assists in creating a complete branding package, which then funnels into a marketing plan.

Joanne takes all the information obtained during our discovery process, and begins her research on each business. She then packages all the information in a format ready to be used by the rest of the team, be it webdesign, optimizers, etc.

Joanne is fluent in four languages including Mandarin and Cantonese, and is able to work directly with companies that have an overseas presence. She can also translate articles from English to Simplified Chinese for websites, blogs, and personal documents.

Daniel 2

Name: Daniel
Title:   Business Consulting - SEO/Advertising Specialist - Staff Management - Account Management
Skills: Daniel's history with marketing online goes back to the early 2000's, when internet marketing really was as simple as building a website, send out some spammy emails to a list, and collecting the cash. This has changed significantly, with Google updating it's algorithms on a very regular basis. Daniel continues to stay at the very top of his game with how to rank businesses at the top of search engines, and exponentially generating leads and income for all kinds of business.

Daniel has also successfully owned and operated several businesses, and experienced massive growth as a direct result of his sales and marketing abilities. He naturally passes these skills on to his current clients, and offers coaching programs to executive level and up clients.

As your first point of contact, Daniel will review your business with you to determine the best strategy for growth. With an entire team in the background ready to execute a plan, we will start with the basics and ramp up our marketing as quickly as you are able to effectively handle it.

Our Core Values 

Honesty – Unwavering in every action and interaction with everyone

Integrity –  Morals that shine through without question

Respect – Earned, not expected, but always given

Accountability – Take responsibility for each and every action

Professionalism – We always take the high road, regardless of the circumstances

Excellence – In everything we do, in every facet of our life


Choosing the right partner matters

Whether you’re looking to bring more attention to the customers in your local demographic, or trying to figure out ways to make social media a less complicated platform for you to bring your business too, you can be sure that RTS Consulting brings you the services you need.

We are here at all times to ensure that no matter the progress made, if you have a question or concern, you have the capability to get a hold of the right professionals to get your queries answered.

Every service that we undertake is for the benefit of your business, and we aim to provide you with a professional environment that is reflective of that outlook, bringing you the peace of mind knowing that you have the best at your back. 

Say yes to making the best decision of your life.

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Taylor & Taylor

I'm happy to recommend RTS Consulting to anyone that needs more customers. We have a brick and mortar store and with the assistance of Daniel and his team, we successfully opened an online store. It didn't take long before the sales started to come in, but even better, they got us from page 39 to page one on Google in less than 3 months for our physical location! From barely surviving to absolutely thriving, we can't thank you guys enough. I tell all my business friends to call you. I know you are helping some of them already.. Mahalo! T & T

Taylor & Taylor


Dan - I will be forever indebted to you for your incredible work. Being a business owner is difficult enough without having negative press entries all over the internet. I had no idea how successful you would be, but I trusted you and the process. I can’t say thanks enough. Anyone that is considering hiring RTS Consulting for Reputation Management, don’t hesitate; they get amazing results.

Business Owner


I love the results I've gotten from RTS Consulting. I give them my highest recommendation.



I've been promised a lot by other SEO companies, but RTS Consulting is the only one that FINALLY got my phone ringing!